Office printing and copying solutions.

We analyse your business needs, providing a seamless, cost-effective
print management solution that is time-saving, leaving you to focus on growing

your thriving concern.

Can you tick any of these boxes?


Do some employees print in colour when they should be printing in black?

Smart Office Technologies uses software to effectively manage each employee’s print requirements, giving you greater control over every print job, thereby saving you money.

Do some employees print documents that could easily have been shared electronically?

Our software app captures, automatically classifies and routes documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing. Any scanned, text-based document becomes searchable, making all electronically-sent documentation easy to classify and file.

Do you get that nagging feeling that you could do with less printers around your office?

Let Smart Office Technologies audit your company’s printer fleet, propose improvements and consolidate your assets where necessary, and start reducing your printer running costs.

Do you get tired of printers running out of toner and then waiting for replacement cartridges/toners or other consumables?

When Smart Office Technologies is in charge of your total print management function, alerts are in place to prevent last-minute toner and paper dashes.

What would happen if your highly confidential documents landed in the wrong hands … what cost would that be to your company?

Our Confidentiality feature comes standard with our machines. No extra software is needed, and you have the peace of mind that your private information will remain private.

Doesn’t it irritate you when you have to figure out which of the FIVE machine/ toner contact people you have to call, to sort out your printing issues?

With Smart Office Technologies, there’s ONE number to put on speed dial, for all your print management requirements.

What happens if your printers get stolen or compromised?

Security is an integral part of our service offering. A security chip is inserted into each device, offering an embedded solution against malware and viruses. What’s more, hard disk encryption prevents the loss of sensitive data, should your printer ever be stolen.

How often have you had the situation where you can’t get into the office to print an important document?

With us you can print from anywhere from any device so no danger of losing business. Downloadable apps enable you to print from your smartphone or other mobile devices. 

If you can tick even ONE of these boxes, you need a Smart Office Technologies print audit.

Benefits To Our Clients

  • Owner-run company

  • Catering to small to large corporates


  • Cost-effective tailor-made solution

  • Save you money whilst delivering the best quality printing

  • Do away with the need for a hefty capital outlay

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